Armenian businessman shot dead in Magnitogorsk, Russia

One of the leaders of the Armenian diaspora, businessman Kamo Arutyunyan was shot in Magnitogorsk, Crime Russia reports.

The murder occurred at about 10 pm Tuesday on Stroiteley Street, when the businessman was returning home. Near the entrance of the house, he met with a man with whom he got into a fight. Neighbors of Arutyunyan told law enforcers that they heard loud voices.

The opponent of the businessman decided to put an end to the conflict , getting hands on a gun. According to eyewitnesses, the criminal shot about 12 times. Sources in law enforcement agencies said that two bullets hit the stomach and six reached Arutyunyan’s head. The 36-year-old man died on the spot.

The murderer disappeared from the crime scene. Now the law enforcers are searching the suspect.

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