Armenian FM congratulates Charles Aznavour on receiving star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

On August 24, the star after world famous chansonnier Charles Aznavour was installed on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. On this occasion the American “Variety” magazine has dedicated a special section to Charles Aznavour and included the congratulatory messages addressed to the artist. The congratulatory message from Edward Nalbandian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, was also published, which, particularly, reads:

“Dear Charles, Սիրելի՛ Շարլ,

We have known each other for a very long time and I have had the pleasure to enjoy your friendship over the years. I know maybe all of your songs, but I have never told you that there was a time when every morning I would start my day with this song:

Le matin je me lève en chantant
Avec des projets plein la tête
Comme si j’allais vivre cent ans …

It gave me a fresh impulse, energy and inspiration for new projects, comme si j’allais vivre cent ans.

In 1999 I was appointed as ambassador to Paris, and since then I have had the pleasure to realize so many “formidable” projets pleins nos têtes together with you.

I would like to recall only a few of them:

In September 2006, in Yerevan’s central square, in the presence of more than a hundred thousand spectators and the presidents of Armenia and France, a magnificent concert was held which turned into a really popular celebration.

In February 2007, it was your concert in the Garnier Opera of Paris, when 50 Armenian children sang «Pour Toi Armenie», that you had composed and performed after the Spitak earthquake together with 80 other world stars to help Armenia.

In September 2011, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary of Armenia’s independence and under the auspices of the presidents of Armenia and France, it was your concert at the renowned Olympia.

This is the same Olympia, Charles, where 50 years before, you were singing “Je m’voyais déjà en haut de l’affiche.”

But probably even you couldn’t have imagined that half a century later your poster would bring an honor to The Olympia as well as to other great halls and theaters around the world.

I would like to recall the words of William Saroyan, the most optimistic American writer, according to Faulkner, who said about himself: “I’m no Armenian, I’m an American. Well, the truth is I am both and neither. I love Armenia and I love America and I belong to both, but I am only this: an inhabitant of the earth, and so are you, whoever you are.”

Charles, isn’t it like what you think about yourself? “I am a hundred percent French and a hundred percent Armenian.” Equally rightly you could add “and a hundred percent citizen of the world.”

Like every nation, we Armenians, as well, are proud of our roots; which is probably slightly more emphasized for us because of our own history. That attachment to roots by the Armenian people, scattered over more than a hundred countries around the world as a result of the Genocide, is an attachment not only to their identity, but also to the memory of all those, qui sont tombés pour entrer dans la nuit puisqu’ils étaient fautifs d’être enfants d’Arménie.

Only the great personalities are can be considered as citizens of the world, are gifted to create universal values and can be seen as the pride of their country of origin, as well as of the one which “adopted” them.

And if, according to the results of the CNN and Times polls, you are recognized as «Artiste du siècle», if France has declared you as the “Pope of the French song”, if Armenia proclaimed you the National Hero, then for Armenians, you are a calling card, by which we are often recognized in different corners of the world.

Probably not all Armenians would know who the Foreign Minister of Armenia is. I am however sure that there is not a single Armenian around the globe who would not know who Charles Aznavour is! And not only Armenians!
I remember that day when we entered together the market of the faraway Samarkand a man, who must have been over a “hundred” years old and was selling a traditional rice dish while sitting on the floor in front of his big cauldron, suddenly started to shout. “I know you, you are Aznavour, Charles Aznavour,” La Boheme” is your song!”

Dear Charles,
I am sure that many people of different ages, origins and worldview, from different countries and continents have likened themselves to one of the heroes in your songs and films. All of them are united thanks to their admiration for your art. Your life itself is a great film, bright and full of love, humanism and hard-work.

We all wish that this film lasts endlessly and that its main hero, every morning

se lève en chantant
avec des projets plein la tête.

And that with the same young vigor, you would sow seeds of love in people’s souls, in our souls.

Dear Charles, Congratulations on your Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.



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