Azerbaijan outraged over the sale of Kim Kardashian lipstick sale in Baku

Azerbaijan has detected something of a national security breach. And this time it comes via a lipstick collection carrying Armenian-American television star Kim Kardashian West’s brand name (KKW) and sold to unsuspecting Azerbaijanis, writes.

For Azerbaijan any product with an ethnic Armenian connection, whether a lipstick or a rifle, can be considered an enemy operation. “You put a little bit of Kim Kardashian West (KKW) on your lips and, boom, you support Azerbaijan’s enemy, one government-aligned media outlet warned,” the article reads.

“You may say it’s just cosmetics, big deal. What does it have to do with the Armenian-occupied territories of Azerbaijan?” observed Azeri Today in a Russian-language article with the sub-title “For the attention of Azerbaijan’s Security Services!” The story takes the trouble to respond to its own question.

The Kardashian family spends part of its earnings on “advancing the recognition of ‘the Armenian Genocide’,” the author posited.

The 36-year-old Kardashian West indeed campaigns for international recognition of the massacre of ethnic Armenians by Ottoman Turks as genocide. reminds that with her sister Khloé and husband, rapper Kanye West, in tow, Kardashian West made a grand visit to Armenia in April 2015, drawing attention to genocide commemorations there. The actress’ own paternal ancestors barely escaped the killings when they migrated to the US at the turn of the 20th century.

The fact that neither KKW by Kylie, nor its distributor,, is Armenian means little or nothing to ethnicity-conscious Azerbaijanis. Earlier this year, calls were made in Azerbaijan to ban Yandex and Uber’s joint taxi-hailing service because an ethnic Armenian is at the helm of the company, writes.

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