The US has started ‘its own game’ within the Minsk Group, Russian expert says.

“The US fears Russia and France could offer their own interim agreement to the parties of the Karabakh conflict,” says Stanislav Tarasov, head of the Middle East-Caucasus think-tank.

The expert says he has an impression the US has started ‘its own game’ within the Minsk Group.

The comments come in the wake of statements by interim Co-Chair of the OSCE Minsk Group Richard Hoagland publicized the six points of settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

“They had been sticking to agreed principles until now. Because of some reasons we still don’t know about the US is changing its policy,” Tarasov said in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia.

According to him, “they probably fear that Moscow could reach agreement with Yerevan, Baku and Stepanakert and find some settlement to the Karabakh conflict.”

“There is an opinion among the analytical circles in Moscow that Nagorno Karabakh could be transferred to the CIS or EEU zone, but not as part of either Armenia or Azerbaijan. Instead a special control zone will be introduced for 50 years,” he said.

According to the expert, the scenario will help ensure that Armenia and Azerbaijan have no complexes of having lost their ground in the conflict.

“Americans fear that they can be fully ousted from the region, that’s why they’re trying to play some role through Armenia or Azerbaijan, Let’s see how events develop,” he said.

Stanislav Tarasov considers an interim settlement will not bring peace to the region.

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