Armenian church in Istanbul hosts funeral ceremony for Cyprus war veteran

A funeral ceremony was held in Istanbul’s Virgin Mary Armenian Church Tuesday for a veteran of Armenian descent who fought in the ranks of the Turkish Armed Forces during the 1974 operation in Cyprus, Daily Sabah reports.

For the ceremony, members of the War Veterans Association of Turkey and Istanbul Garrison Commander Brigadier Gen. Sadettin Alp Ergin joined the family of veteran Murat Mihran İşler, who passed away at the age of 64.

Reverend Mağakya Beskisizyan, who led the ceremony mastered by Archbishop Karekin Bekçiyan, said that İşler, who was living in Istanbul since 1979, was an acclaimed jeweler and a renowned figure among the Armenian community and Istanbul’s landmark Grand Bazaar, where his shop is located. İşler was also the uncle of Norayr İşler, the chairman of the Istanbul Chamber of Jewelry, which traditionally has many members from the Armenian community famous for its skills in jewelry and handcrafts.

Beskisizyan said that although they are saddened by İşler’s death, they knew that veterans were the honor of the nation and they carry its pride.

Following the ceremony, İşler’s body was transferred to the Balıklı Armenian Cemetery to be interred.

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