The Battle of Oshakan took place 190 years ago today

The battle between Persian army and Russian detachment known as the Battle of Oshakan took place at August 17, 1827, during the Russian-Persian war. The Persian side was defeated by the Russian detachment which included Armenian volunteers.

The Russian detachment under the leadership of General Afanasy Krasovsky was coming to help the Monastery of Ejmiatsin which was attacked by the Persian army under Abbas-Mirza. There were 30 000 warriors and 24 cannons on Persian side and 3 000 warriors and 12 cannons on Russian side.

As a result Mother See of Holy Etchmiatsin was saved from being plundered and destroyed.

A monument was placed near Oshakan in 1834 to commemorate the perished warriors.

The Battle of Oshakan was a turning point in the Russian-Persian war of 1826-1828. The subsequent conquest of the Sardarapat Fortress and the Erivan Fortress were to ensure the liberation of Eastern Armenia from Persian oppression.

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