Trainings for IT beginners are underway in Gyumri

Trainings for IT beginners are held in Gyumri since April, Panorama reports. The trainings are organized by the “D-Link International”, “Instigate Design” and “Develandoo” companies.
The programs of “Instigate Training Center” are at the basis of the course. The classes take place at the research center of “D-Link International” in Gyumri. The staff of “Instigate Design” and “D-Link International” companies performs as teachers.

According to the public communications service of UITE, 22 students were chosen from 57 applicants.

The trainings are aimed at providing IT beginners with necessary working capacities, introducing the production process of contemporary IT companies to them, preparation of young specialists for Gyumri IT companies.
Arman Poghosyan, the Head of the “Instigate Design” company mentioned that the trainings are successful, as it is already agreed that 17 young specialists will start working in the abovementioned companies after the training completion.

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