An open-air exhibition at the Swan Lake, Yerevan

Sculptures by Ashot Harutyunyan will be exhibited at the Swan Lake in Yerevan, the Press Service of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia reports.

An original exhibition of works by contemporary sculptor Ashot Harutyunyan will be opened today by the initiative of “ART PR” company and with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia.

“The Swan Lake is a sculpture gallery today. The permanently changing water surface is the ground for Ashot Harutyunyan’s metal sculptures. Harutyunyan has a capability of abstract thinking and is a unique artist of his kind in Armenia. Using post-Soviet industrial waste products and the metal production of today he turns them to vivid formal creations which embody his memories and aesthetic ideas.  The organizers hope that their attempt to turn the Swan Lake to a sculpture gallery will be understood as an initiative which reveals the potential of the place yet unused. This is an occasion to reveal the struggling figures of today’s art. Being a unique experience this may become a traditional way of art exhibiting” Ara Haytayan, the curator of the exhibition said.

More than 20 pieces will be exhibited. The opening ceremony will take place today at 19:00 Armenia time.

According to Gayane Davtyan, the Head of the “ART PR” company, “Through these samples of contemporary sculpture we try to show how is it possible to take average public spaces out of their everyday rhythm and to move them to the realm of abstraction. Abstract art “agitates” for freedom, and the manifestation of that freedom is nothing else but a unique act of breaking stereotypes in a city environment. This exhibition lays claim to become the favorite pastime of the Yerevan residents as well as the tourists. One of the important aims of the exhibition is to help the youth to appreciate art, to appreciate the city, to show that there are other kinds of sculpture alongside the traditional monuments in Yerevan”.


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