A former inmate of children’s home in Gyumri finds his family

Khoren Simonyan who has become famous in internet for his singing has found his parents after 25 years, Armenia Sputnik reports.

A former inmate of children’s home in Gyumri Khoren Simonyan studies in the University of Krakov at the moment. His parents found him through internet.

“I have not yet managed to ask many things, we have not discussed much; that is not important now, the important thing is that I’ve found them. I love them very much. I waited for this day for so long, to tell them that I exist”, Khoren says.

Simonyan does not blame his parents for taking him to children’s home. “I understand, they had no other way but to do so if they did, those were hard years”, he adds.

In summer 2016 the young man came down with pneumonia, received treatment in Gyumri, then in Yerevan and then left the country. The charitable foundation “Maya Brant” provided Simonyan with an apartment in Poland and pays for his education.

Although Khoren studies journalism his real passion is singing.

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