Ecologist: The link between ecology and health is evident

Armenia is one of World leaders by the number of deaths caused by cancer, Karine Danielyan, ecologist, former Minister of Ecology of Armenia told

According to Danielyan, the data was published by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The Ministry of Healthcare of Armenia claimed that the conclusion has been made according to wrong data. “I took the data of the Ministry of Healthcare. It turned out that we are between the second and the third places. This does not make things much better”, Danielyan said.

According to her, a survey has been implemented on the influence that environments and climate changes have on children’s health: “We talk about the most polluted territories, naturally. Especially the territories which are polluted by heavy metals. The link between ecology and health is evident. Lori, Syunik and Yerevan are at the first place”.

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