New buildings for Defense Forces officials in Artsakh are under construction

Last year the construction of a dwelling building (20 apartments altogether) began in Stepanakert in the territory of the former Karabakh Silk Complex (Gharmetakscombinat). The construction is currently underway, Panorama reports. The construction is currently underway. The apartments are intended for the officers of the Defense Forces of Artsakh.

As the Ministry of Urban Development of Artsakh reports, the 2 floors of the seven-storey building will be underground. The rest will be overground and dwelling. The majority of the apartments will have 2 or 3 rooms. The walls of the 4th floor are currently in construction.

Parallel to this, construction of another building in the neighborhood is in preparation. The other building will be constructed according to the same design. After the building completion the territory will be improved, a playground will be constructed.

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