Iran to Return 629-Year-Old Bell to Akhtamar

Iranian officials have said that they will return a 629-year-old bell, which belonged to the Armenian Holy Cross Church in Akhtamar, Asbarez reports. 

The bell was given to St. Mary’s Armenian Church in July of 1377 and was taken to Iran under unknowns circumstances. It has been on display at the Anthropology museum in the north-western city of Urumieh, reported news agency.

“We have begun a policy of returning all historical monuments and artifacts in Iran to their countries of origin in compliance with all necessary legal procedures,” said Mirhadi Kareseyyed-Romiani, Vice-President of the Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Authority.

The Iranian official said this policy aims to demonstrate to the world the true nature of Iran as friendly country that prioritizes good neighborly relations and respect for humanity and history.

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