Harout Sassounyan on the Americana at Brand’s rejection of “Architects of Denial”

Harout Sassounyan’s text on The Americana at Brand’s  refusal to provide advertising space on their billboard for an Armenian Genocide documentary, “Architects of Denial”, produced by Dean Cain and Montel Williams has been published in The California Courier yesterday.

The Americana at Brand’s decision to reject a billboard advertisement of the film was made on the grounds that its content is “too political”.

“A documentary on the Armenian Genocide cannot be labelled as “too political.” This is a human rights issue which has nothing to do with politics!” Sassounyan writes.

According to Sassounyan, he had no choice but to take the matter to the Glendale City Council last week. The City Council members promised to intervene by arranging a meeting with Americana executives.

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