Azerbaijan’s atrocities against Armenians in Nakhichevan must be revealed, says Baroness Cox

Member of the British House of Lords, Caroline Cox, said Tuesday that the world must recognize Azerbaijan’s depopulation of Armenians from Nakhichevan and the destruction of Armenian cultural monuments there, reported the press service of the Armenian National Assembly, as reports Asbarez.

Baroness Cox was meeting with Armenia’s Parliament Speaker Ara Babloyan about Azerbaijan’s aggressive policies against Armenia and Artsakh when she made the comments about Nakhichevan.

“Azerbaijan continues its aggressive policies toward Armenia and Artsakh. The world must also recognize the complete Armenian depopulation of Nakhichevan by Azerbaijan and its destruction of Armenian cultural monuments,” Baroness Cox told Babloyan.

Baroness Cox is no stranger to Armenia or Artsakh, as she has been a staunch advocate of Artsakh’s right to self-determination since the early days of Karabakh movement, and raised the alarm about destruction of Armenian monuments in Julfa back in 2006 soon after reports emerged from Jufa in Nakhichevan of Azerbaijani armed forces desecrating Armenian Khatchkars and historic monuments. She has witnessed, first hand, the atrocities committed against the people of Artsakh by Azerbaijan and has presented testimony and reports in the British House of Lords and other international forums.

She also said that she would like to report to the world about the progress she has seen in Armenia and Artsakh.

“I have adopted one principle in my life: to have open eyes, ears and mind. I want to tell the world what I have seen,” added Baroness Cox.

She is in Armenia for her annual trip and pilgrimage to Artsakh and met with Babloyan, who welcomed her and spoke highly of her efforts to advance Armenian issues within the British House of Lords.

Her eponymous charity runs a rehabilitation center in Artsakh for those injured in the war, as well as physically handicapped children.

While in Yerevan, Baroness Cox also met with Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, who applauded her for her positive and active approaches to the Karabakh issue, as well as her advocacy for Artsakh.

The two discussed prospects for developing economic relations between Armenia and the United Kingdom and noted that progress on this front is being made.


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