Edward Ghazaryan: from viola pomposa to micro-sculpture

An article titled “How did Edward Ghazaryan succeed to surprice Queen Elizabeth” has been published by Armenia Sputnik on Sunday.

Edward Ghazaryan was an artist who made miniature reliefs on extremely small objects, such as a rice grain or a hair. His works have been presented to Rockfeller, Queen Elizabeth, and many others.

Ghazaryan had been a musician and played viola pomposa. Once he decided to create a small violin of only several centimeters long. That was the start of his life long career.

The first micro-compositions were exhibited in the National Gallery of Armenia back in 1947. Some of Ghazaryan’s works have been included in the Guinness World Records.

Ghazaryan has also created surgical micro-needles for eye operations.

Edward Ghazaryan passed away in 2012, aged 83.

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