A son is born in an April War hero family

The mother of Azat Simonyan, the April War hero, has given birth to a son at “Saint Gregory the Illuminator” medical center. Arthur weighs 3 kg 570 g and is 50 cm tall.

Azat Simonyan was from Kamaris village, Kotayk region. He appeared on the list of the missing from the very first days of the April War. Only on April 10, during the exchange of the bodies of the fallen, Azat’s body was found among them.

One of Azat’s facebook posts reads: “My homesick soul is sad, my heart is uneasy, my life is held up, it does not go forward, longing is suffocating me, my sad eyes look for my home, don’t look for it, my eyes, your efforts are useless, you will not find my home, it is too far, there, at my home, my mother is crying missing her son, don’t cry, mother, I will come home some day, I swear, mother, I will come home some day, I’ll be responsible for your every teardrop”.

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