“National Costume” festival to be held in Yerevan

Pan-armenian “National Costume” festival will be held in Yerevan, Panorama reports. National songs, dances and recitation will be performed besides exhibiting the costumes. The idea of the festival belongs to a public figure Emil Markosyan.

The organizer mentioned that everyone can participate in the festival without age limit. The festival is for all those people who have a national costume and would like to exhibit it, as well as those who can perform ethnic songs and poems.
“We are after one thing that is to show the national costume. The jury will evaluate the costume, its ornaments; every ornament should be in accordance with our traditions”, he added.
The application deadline is August 20.
According to Markosyan, 5 professional designers have already applied for participation with a collection. Among other 127 applicants there are people from various areas of Armenia, as well as from Diaspora.
The competition will have three rounds, the last round to take place on September 15 in Hakob Paronyan theatre.

“There is a great interest towards the festival, which means that it is about to become annual”, Markosyan said.

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