The Church of the Holy Mother of God in Gndevaz is threatened

“It is beyond doubt that the University of Gladzor was situated near the monastery of Hermon”, the author of “A new hypothesis on the location of Gladzor Univesrity”, an independent researcher Tigran Mkrtchyan said today at a meeting with journalists, Panorama reports.

The researcher claims that though the location of Gladzor University has been a matter of discussions for a long time, today it is clear that it was situated in Karevank, to the northwest of Hermonavank.
“The book already moves in the academic circles. It was edited by the famous Armenologist, the head of the Ancient Manuscripts department of Matenadaran Karen Matevosyan”, he added.
Mkrtchyan also touched upon the Church of the Holy Mother of God in Gndevaz, Vayots Dzor.
The researcher said that the condition of the building is alarming. The northwestern and southwestern parts of the roof have collapsed. Hence the rain water leaks into the building and threatens the very existence of the frescos. The upper part of the western wall is eroded as well. That makes it unsafe for the visitors to be inside the building.
When asked if respective structures have been addressed, Mkrtchyan answered that he had talked to people working in the sphere of culture and their respond was that there are no funds.

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