About 70% of library patrons and book buyers in Armenia are young people

“We have readers in Armenia; that is the extent of reading that we are not satisfied with” philologist Arkmenik Nikoghosyan said at a meeting with journalists, Panorama reports.

According to him, if 2000 books are published per year and if a lot of books reach libraries, as well as some books are sold in bookstores in more than 100 copies, then we have readers in the country.
“They do not read as extensively as we dream of, as we want, which is due to the value system, social, psychological and moral environment in our country. But to describe the situation as horrible, to claim that we deal with a generation that does not read at all, is a mistake. About 70% of library patrons and book buyers are young people of 18-35”, the philologist said.

According to Nokoghosyan, World literature is the most read.
The book prices will drop when the demand for books rises, the philologist added.

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