A unique tourist experience is offered by Artsakh

Attending Artsakh, tourists will admire Melik Yegan’s palace and enjoy the special flavor of wine, is claimed in a sketch published by Armenpress.

The palace complex of Melik Yegan is located in the very center of the former town-fortress Togh, dating back to the 19th century. The location is a historic-cultural reserve, where the excavation discoveries of the palace are exhibited. The structure is unique because it is the only surviving  palace of Artsakh’s five ancient melikdoms. Approximately 800 people live in Togh village now, where there are three churches, a kindergarten, a school, as well as an arts school, where children from nearby villages study music, arts and dancing. The tourism season begins from May and lasts until September or October, Ruzanna Khachatryan, a local guide says. However, the village does not have neither a hotel, nor guest houses.

“There are ideas to develop ecotourism among the tourism administration. By the way, up here there are examples of folk architecture that may serve as nice guest houses in case of repairing; it is a financial question”, Khachtryan said.

The 4th Wine Festival of Artsakh will be held on the territory of the fortress on September 16th. The event is included in tour packages, according to Artak Grigoryan, the tourism official of Artsakh’s Ministry of Economy. The village is famous for its Kataro Wine, which is considered to be a local trademark. Kataro offers white, red and “Rose” wines. The production is exported to Spain, Czech Republic, Russia, USA, England, Baltic countries. Supplies to Canada will also be launched soon.


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