The “genocide” term banning bill debated in the Turkish parliament

The Turkish parliament debates the bill banning the use of the “Armenian Genocide” term from the legistlative body’s tribune. The bill was earlier passed by the parliament’s constitutional committee, Diken reports. Ozgyur Ozel, a lawmaker of the Republican People’s Party, took the floor during the debates and covered the podium with a black cloth in token of protest claiming that the bill is unconstitutional. “With this bill you are depriving the lawmakers of freedom of speech. This will take the parliament 250 years back”, the parliament member said.

Mithat Sanjar, another opposition lawmaker, said the bill seeks to eliminate the opposition in the parliament, and create a unanimous parliament and therefore a unanimous society.

The bill concerning changes in the inner procedure of the parliament is endorsed by the ruling AK party and National Movement party.

The debates will continue on July 25.

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