Sex-selective abortions decrease in Armenia

The number of sex-selective abortions in Armenia has decreased. If several years ago 115- 120 males were born against 100 females, today this ratio has changed, as 112 males were born against 100 females in 2016. Anyway, the ratio of 105-106 males against 100 females is considered to be normal.

Armen Galstyan, director of the “International Center for Human Development” NGO presented his 2017 study on this matter and mentioned that the attitude of the society towards the problem has changed to some extent. “The massive campaign of the recent years is bearing fruit. We received great support from the state structures, namely from the Ministry of Healthcare and the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs”, he said during a press-conference at the Armenpress’ press hall.

The main purpose of the campaign was to raise the awareness of the sex-selective abortion problem among the society. The experts launched their studies back in 2016 and completed in the beginning of 2017. A survey has been carried in which 1920 randomly selected women participated each of whom has been pregnant at least once in their life.

“In 2011, 60% of women respondents mentioned that those were the surrounding people that preferred a boy, which means that the pressure, the influence came from there.  The latest survey showed that only 36,7% mention the preferences of the surroundings, that means that the issue arises more from the environment than the family itself”, Vahan Asatryan, chief of development and research department of the NGO said.

Despite some positive indicators, Asatryan emphasized that this issue remains concerning, especially in rural communities.

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