Mkhitaryan, Man United’s ‘Midfield Armenian,” is a fan of supporters’ song

Henrikh Mkhitaryan has revealed what gives him goosebumps: a Manchester United supporters’ adaptation of a Sting song that is sung as a tribute to the midfielder.

Mkhitaryan, whose goal against Ajax in the Europa League final in May sealed United’s 2-0 victory in Stockholm, has become a popular player among the club’s fans since he arrived from Borussia Dortmund in 2016, to the extent that he is now serenaded to a reworking of Sting’s 1987 hit.

With supporters singing “He’s our midfield Armenian” to Mkhitaryan to the tune of “Englishman in New York,” the 28-year-old told ESPN FC how he feels when he hears.

“Yes, of course, I have heard that song before my song was created,” Mkhitaryan told ESPN’s Mark Ogden.

“I am very thankful to the fans that they have created such a song. It is a pleasure for me always when I am listening to this song. It makes me have goosebumps. I am very excited.”

Does Mkhitaryan enjoy the music of the original song’s composer?

“Of course I like Sting,” he said. “He has lots of good songs, and everybody knows he is a world-class singer. I can only be glad that I have that kind of song.”

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