Artsakh Parliament set to elect President on July 19

Lusine Avanesyan
Public Radio of Armenia

Artsakh Parliament is set to elect the President of the Republic on July 19. The outcome is highly predictable, considering that three of the five parties represented in the National Assembly support incumbent President Bako Sahakyan.

The “Free Motherland,” Democratic Party and the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun say Bako Sahakayn should hold office in the transition period until the new Constitution comes into force in 2020.

The three parties hold 27 mandates in the 33-seat parliament. Arsen Arstamyan – the only independent MP represented in Artsakh’s legislature – has also voiced support for Bako Sahakyan.

Despite this, the elections in Artsakh will be competitive, as “Movement 88” Party, which holds three seats in the National Assembly, has nominated the Party’s President Edward Aghabekyan.

As a presidential nominee, Aghabekyan is going to avail himself of the opportunity to speak about threats and everyday issues facing Artsakh. The candidates will have just one hour to present their views at a parliament sitting.

After the transition period the President and Parliament of Artskah will be elected in simultaneous elections in 2020.

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