President’s address on Armenia’s Constitution Day

Dear Compatriots,

I congratulate you on Constitution Day.

The historic choice of the people of Armenia is to build a free, democratic and social State. This objective is clearly articulated in the Basic Law of our country. Over the past few years, the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia served as a strong legal bearing for our State and our people even in the most difficult situations. Naturally, during this period, significant changes occurred in our social and political life that led to the need for a constitutional reform, which today has become a reality in our country.

As you may know, we are in a transitional stage now. We are transitioning to a parliamentary system of governance. Our conviction is that the new amended text of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia provides greater opportunities for furthering democracy, maintaining the power balance between different branches of government, as well as for a well-balanced and harmonious development of our country, in general.

We will undoubtedly have a more equitable and a more stable statehood and society as a result of constitutional reforms.

Once again, I congratulate all of us on this remarkable day and wish we would be implicitly loyal to the letter and spirit of our Constitution.

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