Azerbaijan fully responsible for casualties – Armenian Deputy FM

Armenia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Shavarsh Kocharyan assesses Azerbaijan’s recent provocation and escalation of the situation at the line of contact as “yet another crime committed by Baku’s hereditary regime.”

“It is obvious that the refusal of Azerbaijan to establish an investigation mechanism serves its intention to put the blame for its continuous provocations on the Armenian sides,” Shavarsh Kocharyan said in comments to Public TV’s Orakarg program.

“As long as Azerbaijan fails to implement its international commitments under 1994-1995 trilateral agreements between Azerbaijan, Nagorno-Karabakh and Armenia on armistice and  the ceasefire, refuses to implement the Vienna and St. Petersburg agreements aimed at the consolidation of the ceasefire regime and continues to initiate military provocations against Artsakh and Armenia,  the same leadership of Azerbaijan shall bear full responsibility for all the human casualties resulting from those provocations, regardless of their nationality,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said.

Commenting on the statement of the Foreign Ministry of Turkey with regards this situation, Shavarsh Kocharyan said: “During the last April aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan Turkey not only failed to condemn the targeting of the civilian population of Artsakh by Azerbaijan, including killing of children, barbaric mutilation of elderly people, as well as the IS-style beheading of captured Armenian soldiers, but in fact, encouraged those war crimes.”

“On the other side Turkey declares that it condemns the casualties among the Azerbaijani civilian population suffered as a the result of the provocation initiated by the same Azerbaijan, without even mentioning that the main reason for those casualties is  official Baku’s policy of using its civilian population as a human shield,” he added.

“It seems that Turkey’s condemnation or sympathy is conditioned by the  national identity, which is far beyond the remits of civilized commentary,” Shavarsh Kocharyan stated.

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