Armenia-Georgia cross-border cooperation projects present results

The results of nine Armenian-Georgian cross-border projects have been presented in a brochure entitled “Bridging people and countries”, to mark the upcoming end of the EU-funded Armenia–Georgia Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation (EaP TC) programme. Through the programme, schoolchildren from Armenia and Georgia had unique intercultural experiences at summer camps, local businesses found new partners across the border and local family-run farms learnt and applied new energy-saving technologies.

These are just a few examples of the results described in the brochure, which explains how the cross-border cooperation programme offered Armenian and Georgian partners the chance to learn from each other while working together. The brochure provides information about the grant projects, including their main partners, activities, most significant results and lessons learnt, as well as the key  cross-border impacts achieved.

According to the EaP TC programme, Armenian–Georgian cooperation within the programme has significantly improved mutual understanding by involving local communities of the border regions in a multi-cultural dialogue, as well as breaking stereotypes and building trust amongst the neighbouring communities. It has also helped foster reliable business relations and promote sustainable regional development.

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