Over 2.2 billion AMD raised by Insurance Foundation for Servicemen

The Insurance Foundation for Servicemen, established to provide aid to the families of soldiers fallen or injured in action, has raised 2.2 billion AMD.

The Foundation has already provided reimbursement amounting to 160 million AMD to the families of 14 killed and 2 handicapped servicemen.

The concept of fundraising was presented today at the sitting of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees. The Boards’ executive Director Varuzhan Avetikyan said “three options are currently in place for making donations.”

First, he said, donations can be made online on the Foundation’s website. Second, sums can be transferred to the Foundation’s banking account. Third, contributions can be made by sending text messages to the 1028 short number.

Several additional options were offered at today’s sitting. These include donations through Idram, TelCell and Easy Pay systems, purchase of posting stamps, organization of charity concerts, etc.

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