President attends government sitting, voiced confidence in the cabinet

The government led by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan enjoys the full trust of the whole political team, President Serzh Sargsyan said at the government sitting today.

Serzh Sargsyan underlined that “transparency should be one of the most important standards of activity.”

He added, however, that “transparency should not be an end in itself.” “Transparency will seek to eliminate corruption and protectionism.”

“The system of government expenditures and procurement should be fully controllable by both the parliament and the society as a whole. We are now introducing new and rather influential anti-corruption measures, which should be combined with purposeful work,” the President stated.

“We’ll also keep working to improve the foreign political environment, but have to get rid of illusions. We have to work on the basis of the fact that no positive changes are taking place in the relations with our unfriendly neighbors.

The President said “living in times of change is truly difficult,” but voiced confidence that the government led by PM Karen Karapetyan would be able to solve all issues facing the country.

Karen Karapetyan, in turn, assured that the team would implement its action plan. “The government is well aware of the expectations of the society and understands that the path is not going to be an easy one,” he said, adding that “the executive is resolute to achieve all goals.”

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