Armenia should rely on itself when it comes to security issues – Deputy FM




Armenian Deputy Foreign Minister says atmosphere conducive to negotiations is needed for progress in Karabakh talks.

“Proper atmosphere is needed for negotiation process. Progress in the talks is impossible without relevant atmosphere,” Shavarsh Kocharyan said.

“It’s impossible to achieve progress at the negotiating table, when there is shooting and provocations,” the Deputy Foreign Minister stated. He emphasized that Azerbaijan should meet the commitments assumed in Vienna and St. Petersburg.

Asked to comment on the possibility of large-scale war, the Deputy Foreign Minister said he trusts the Defense Minister. “The Defense Minister is better informed about the processes and possesses necessary information.”

Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan told reporters Wednesday that “large-scale war is unlikely,” but did not rule out provocations on the part of Azerbaijan.

In any case, Shavarsh Kocharyan said “we have to rely on ourselves, when it comes to security issues.” Second, he said, “we should not have extra expectations.”

“Russia is our partner, but we have to build our foreign policy with both Russia and others on the basis of the existing realities,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said, when asked to comment on the supply of Russian arms to Azerbaijan.

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