Any supply of weapons to Azerbaijan negative – Armenia DM

Any supply of weapons to Azerbaijan is negative, given that Azerbaijan is an unpredictable neighbor, because of the lack of mechanisms of public control, Armenian Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan told a press conference today.

The Defense Minister further explained that “the level of Azerbaijan’s aggressiveness is conditioned by a combination of exceptionally domestic issues, which are often difficult to analyze.”

Therefore, he said, any supply of weapons to Azerbaijan – be it Russian, Israeli or Turkish – is fraught with new risks, “because it’s hard to predict who in that country is going to make decisions at any moment, including in the near future.”

“We have our program of cooperation with Russia – an allied partnership program of military-technical and military-political cooperation, and we are pleased with the process of its implementation,” Minister Sargsyan said.

He added that “it’s a rather ambitious program, which periodically gets expanded.” “The issues we raise within the framework of that partnership are more long-term and more stabilizing than the supply of weapons of this or that amount. We get the weapons we buy in Russia, we also get weapons within the framework of military-technical cooperation,” Minister Sargsyan said.

He added that Armenia purchases weapons at internal prices of Russia, and Russia is an important market for us.

“If any official in Armenia ever tells he’s encouraged by the sale of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan, he will definitely not be sincere,” Vigen Sargsyan stated.

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