Armenian Parliament votes to approve Government’s action plan

The Armenian National Assembly voted 64 to 31 (with no abstentions) today to adopt the five-year action plan submitted by the government. Tsarukyan alliance and Yelk bloc voted against the program.

Addressing the Parliament before the voting, Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan said “we have worked out a very practical and well-calculated program with a big potential.”

“This is a professional program that will make Armenia a better country based on our culture, traditions and family values, and at the same time very modern and understandable to the world,” PM Karapetyan said. He added that the government is open to and interested in cooperating on any platform.

He noted that the government has worked hardly on the action plan and has a good vision of what needs to be done, but added that the executive needs support to achieve all it targets.

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