Armenia planning to become a regional energy hub by 2019

Armenia plans to put into commission two power transmission lines by the end of 2019. Under the government’s five-year action plan, the country will construct Iran-Armenia and Armenia-Georgia power lines, thus linking the energy systems of Iran, Georgia and Russia. Yerevan hopes the completion of the projects will turn the country into a regional energy hub.

The construction of the 400 kW power transmission line between Iran and Armenia has already started; the installation of poles and wires, as well as the construction of a substation is expected to be completed during 2017-2018. The project will ensure a triple increase in transactions with neighboring Iran.

The construction of another 400 kW power line linking Armenia and Georgia is expected to be completed by 2019. An international tender has been announced, and the contractor organization is expected to be chosen by September 2017.

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