Ombudsman’s Office carries out fact-finding mission in border villages shelled by Azerbaijan

Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan and representatives of his office visited the border villages of Voskevan, Voskepar and Koti to carry out a fact-finding mission after the shelling of the settlements by Azeri forces in April and May.

In line with internationally accepted practices, representatives of the Ombudsman’s Office held meetings with the heads and residents of the communities, conducted research on the ground and studied public data connected with the shelling.

The fact-finding activities reveal that the kindergartens, schools and houses were targeted in the attacks.

“These assaults by the Azerbaijani armed forces amount to a gross violation of international human rights requirements,” the mission says.

The Ombudsman’s Office has started analyzing the results of the work. A final report will be prepared and sent out to international structures.

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