Armenian asylum-seekers enter Norway via Arctic

Armenian asylum-seekers have entered Norway via Arctic, the Associated Press reports.

A Norwegian official has asked Russia how come six asylum-seekers from Armenia were able to enter Norway via a remote Arctic border post despite a bilateral border agreement that doesn’t allow them to cross there.

Police chief at Norway’s Storskog check point Ellen Katrine Haetta says the would-be refugees, aged between 4 and 58, entered the Scandinavian country by car on Tuesday.

Haetta told the AP Wednesday she had asked Russian authorities why they were let through without proper visas.

It was the first time asylum-seekers had crossed the border since Oct. 30, 2015. The crossing became famous when a few thousand people from Syria and the Mediterranean region found an unlikely route via Russia with many bicycling across the Arctic border, which is not open to pedestrians.

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