Armenia, EU ‘not far from’ reaching deal on Common Aviation Area

The European Union optimistic about signing a new deal with Armenia in November. There is nothing that stands on the way of signing the document.

“The preparations for the signing of the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement are under way. Legal and other services of the European Union have verified all the provisions and terms used in the agreement,” Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia Piotr Switalski told reporters in Yerevan today.

“From a technical point of view this process has been completed on EU side. A similar process is taking place on the Armenian side. We are optimistic about the perspective of signing the agreement during the Eastern Partnership summit in Brussels in November,” he said at a press conference at the National Press Club.

Mr. Switalski said a second important component on Armenia-EU agenda is the Partnership Priorities – a politically binding documents, where the parties charter out the political avenues of cooperation in the years to come.

“Armenia was the first country from the Eastern Partnership to start negotiations on this new type of document. The technical negotiations have been completed, and we can hopefully expect that in the coming days the EU-Armenia Cooperation Council through a written procedure will adopt the Partnership Priorities,” Mr. Switalski said.

“A third important component of Armenia-EU cooperation is the development of “transformation assistance” and we are very advanced in preparing a single-support framework. The document sets our development assistance team until 2020. I hope that by September we will be able to adopt this framework,” Piotr Switalski said.

Amb. Switalski said that Armenia and EU are not far from signing a Common Aviation Area Agreement.” A new round of talks on the Common Aviation Agreement took place in Brussels. The assessment of my colleagues from the commission is very positive. Almost the full text of the agreement on Common Aviation is negotiated and agreed, with just a few points requiring additional reflection. We are not far from the deal,” he said.

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