Armenian Government approves 5-year action plan

The Armenian Government approved a five-year program at a special meeting chaired by Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan today. The document will now be forwarded to the National Assembly.

Minister of International Economic Integration and Reforms, Deputy Prime Minister Vache Gabrielyan presented the 2017-2022 action plan, which is based on large-scale reforms and guarantees consistent development.

The vision of the Government program is based on the principle so having a secure, fair, free and clever Armenia.

The document outlines the priorities and vision connected with foreign and security policy, including the deepening ties between independent Armenia and Artsakh, and Armenia’s security as a guarantee for economic development.

“I think the Government has put forward an ambitious action plan. We have fixed the goals we aspire to reach in the fields of economy, unemployment, minimum salary, export volumes, as well as taxes-GDP ratio. Besides, we have outlined the necessary actions, reforms and steps we have to take to achieve those goals,” Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan said.

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