Charles Aznavour’s son gets baptized in Armenia

World-known singer Charles Aznavour visited Tatev Monastery along with his son Nicolas and friends, IDeA Foundation informs.

At Halidzor station of Tatever ropeway they were welcomed by IDeA Foundation Director Edgar Manukyan and Tatever Ropeway Director Vahe Baghdasaryan.

The guests were briefed on the history of construction of Tatever, the programs implemented by Tatev Revival Fund.

Aznavour and others later visited Tatev Monastery Complex, where Nicolas Aznavour got baptized.

“I’m prpud that my son Nicolas decided to get baptized in Armenia. My parents would be so happy to know that my two children– Misha and Nicolas remained committed to their roots and got baptized here in Armenia,” Charles Aznavour said.

“I was born in France and studied in Switzerland and Canada. But the older I get, the more I feel tied to my Armenian roots,” Nicolas said.

“I returned to the origins of my family after talking to my father and aunt, after listening to their stories.  I started learning Armenian. After all this I decided to get baptized in Armenia,” he added.

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