Charles Aznavour’s House-Museum opens in Yerevan




Charles Aznavour’s house-museum was opened in downtown Yerevan today, in a solemn ceremony attended by the legendary singer, his son Nicolas Aznavour, Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsyan and a number of guests. Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan handed the symbolic keys to Charles Aznavour.

The ceremony also marked the launching of the Aznavour Foundation that will aim to preserve the maestro’s cultural legacy. It will also work out and implement educational and social programs.

“All of our joint efforts should be targeted at the development of the Motherland to enable the youth to realize their dreams inside the country surrounded by beloved ones,” Aznavour said.

The singer says he has decided to establish the foundation after seeing the brilliant educational programs implemented in Armenia, the restoration of historic monuments and creation of new infrastructures.

President Sargsyan said “it’s an honor for Yerevan to host Charles Aznavour’s House-Museum.”

“We are delighted to be your contemporaries, that we have the chance to enjoy your art, your performances,” the President said.

“Aznavour is truly a legend, a legend that belongs not only to France and Armenia, but also the humanity at large,” he added.

He said “Armenia and France are tied by thousands of threads, and the visits of three French Presidents – Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande- is a testament to this.”

“I do hope that newly elected President Emmanuel macron will continue the tradition and we’ll welcome him in this House-Museum,” President Sargsyan said.

He added that “opening of the Museum in Yerevan is an honor to us, and we’ll bear that honor with dignity.”

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