Awards and honorary titles on the occasion of Armenia’s Republic Day

President Serzh Sargsyan handed state wards and honorary titles to a group of individuals on the occasion of the Republic Day.

A group of individuals were awarded by the President of Armenia with high state awards and honorary titles for their contribution to the areas of science, education, healthcare, economy, arts, culture, and sports, efficient work, patriotism, boundless dedication, deepening and expansion of the Armenia-Diaspora relations.

Serzh Sargsyan congratulated the awardees on the occasion of Republic Day and on receiving high state awards and honorary titles.

Congratulatory remarks by President Serzh Sargsyan at the award ceremony held on the occasion of Republic Day

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Distinguished Guests,

I cordially congratulate you all on the occasion of Republic Day, and on receiving awards and honorary titles of our state.

Armenia has entered a phase of critical changes. These changes rest first of all on the principle of justice. To change the image of our country, we have to always reveal and honor those worthy. That’s the way to tell good from bad, truth from lie, decent from indecent. Societies reach success only if they rely on true values.

I have no doubt that the good, right, and decent are the values which bind together members of our society. That’s the way to solidify the foundation of our statehood and move forward with confidence.

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the First Republic of Armenia. In the last 99 years, many values have been created – material, spiritual, technological. They are the results of the labor of dedicated and professional individuals, of their talent and purposefulness.

Nowadays, you have come to take their place, and our society takes pride in your efforts and dedication.

Reforms going on in our country will continue, becoming large-scale and structural, and the results will not linger. Moreover, the results will be noticeable and tangible for every citizen of Armenia.

The next two or three years are critical. I expect that you too, with all your vigor and knowledge will partake in that gratifying undertaking.

I am confident that our citizens’ lives will be improving day by day.

I am confident that Armenia will be a strong and prosperous country.

I am confident that to achieve that we all have to work diligently and consistently.

I congratulate you once again, dear friends, on this momentous holiday and on receiving awards.

I thank you for your honest work.

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