President Sargsyan hands in 2017 Presidential Awards

The 2017 Presidential Award ceremony took place at the Presidential Palace today. Awards, which are bestowed for a considerable contribution to a number of areas, as well as the certificate and monetary prizes were handed to the awardess by President Serzh Sargsyan and the representative of the Robert Boghossian and Sons Fund, benefactor from Diaspora Jean Boghossian. Presidential awards were bestowed based on the relevant Presidential decrees and proposals of the special commissions.

Serzh Sargsyan congratulated the awardees, wished them great creative vigor, and new achievements.

President Sargsyan’s remarks at the award ceremony

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Awardees,

I cordially salute and congratulate you on the occasion of receiving the RA Presidential Award. I am happy that today we meet and enteract on such a nice occasion and pay tribute to your work.

On this, we have been supported for years by the distinguished members of the Boghossian family. Taking this opportunity, at the very beginning of my statement, on behalf of us all I would like to once again express gratitude to them for carrying out this very important task.

Dear Jean, it’s been many years now, that we together reveal creative potential of our country and our nation, encourage our scientists and art workers to continue their dedicated work. This is an important contribution to Armenia’s prosperity and is certainly greatly appreciated.

Dear Friends,

It is believed that one of the greatest achievements of the creative mind and inspiration of our people – the Armenian alphabet, appeared to Saint Mesrop Mashots as a revelation. Historians claim that many scientic inventions were made by chance, or appeared in dreams.

Such claims may hold some truth, but they reflect the truth only in part. Yes, revelation can appear in a split second, even subconsciously. However, such “accidents” take place only with the individuals who have been prapering for it for years.

Creative work demands years and years of concentrated and consisitent aim-oriented work. Combination of information, knowledge, skill, and experience will never go fruitless. They constitute a solid base which allows a creative inspiration. Every story of an instantaneous revelation has behind it long years of hard work.
I am confident that each recipient of this award has his or her own unique story of years-long efforts, search for the truth, finding mistakes, and redressing them.
Let this award, first of all for the youngsters, become the first page of their success story, so that new awards and international recognition come with no delay.

Distinguished Awardees,

In conclusion, I congratulate you once again and wish you great creative vigor and new achievments for the glory of our nation, for the benefit of the humanity.

Thank you.

By the RA President’s degrees, the 2016 award was bestowed on Bagrat Estukian (Turkey) for his considerable contribution to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide through raising the issue constantly at the Akos paper, Hans-Lukas Kieser (Switzerland) for his prominent work on the history of the Armenian Genocide.

By other decrees of the President, the RA Presidential awards 2016 were bestowed on:

In the area of technical sciences and information technologies to Gevork Baghdassarian and Marine Mikilian for the monography on the Effects of Magnetoelastic Interaction in Conductive Plates and Shells (in English),
In the area of literature to Ghukas Sirunian for the “Open up, it’s me” book of poetry,

RA Presidential Youth Award 2016 was bestowed on:

In the area of arts to Rima Nanian for the Uncertain Images graphical works, Levon Poghossian for the Old Gods sculpture series.

In the area of literature to Armen Sarkissian for the Instead of Books Unread book of poetry, Aram Mamikonian for the Heavy Water book of poetry.

In the area of classical music, the RA Presidential Youth Award 2016 was bestowed on:

In vocal area, for the supreme art of performance to Sarkis Bazhbeuk-Meliakian and Marianna Martirossian,
For instrumental music performance to Roman Namalian (piano) and Arsen Zakarian (clarinet).

Since its creation (2011) RA Presidential Award has been awarded to 348 individuals and organizations, including 24 international.

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