Sirusho on Eurovision: Enjoy the music and stop looking for mistakes




Surusho advises to enjoy music and not to overestimate the importance of Eurovision.

“I hope we achieve good results every year, but let’s not make it the most important part of life,” the singer told reporters after Dzakh Harut’s concert in Yerevan Sunday.

“It’s a festival of music, where we should try to perform well, enjoy the participation and give joy to viewers. That was the case this year, as well. Just enjoy the music and don’t look for mistakes,” Sirusho said.

“Let us all support the artists, because performing on Eurovision stage is very difficult. Just stop for a second, imagine yourself on the stage and you’ll feel the difficulty,” she added.

In 2008 Sirusho represented Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Qele Qele” and came in fourth, the country’s best result so far.

The singer has performed in many countries of the worlds, but has never had a solo concert in Armenia.

“A concert in Armenia is a huge responsibility and requires more time. I either travel, or am busy recording new songs. But I do hope that the day is not far away, because I also want to have a concert in Yerevan,” she said.

A mother of two, Sirusho manages to keep performing on the stage. “I’m trying… My father was a juggler, when he was young. Now I can understand what that really means.”

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