Ruben Vardanyan: We must build a country based on values




Armenians as a nation can overcome all difficulties only through work and achievements, businessman and philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan says.

“We must work to make Armenia a ravishing country and thus show the neighboring countries that they will not succeed in their endeavors,” Ruben Vardanyan, co-founder of the IdeA Foundation, told reporters at Tsitsernakaberd Memorial.

He says Armenia and Diaspora must unite to succeed. “We must make it clear to all that we are a nation that makes its contribution to the development of the world. Remembering the events of 102 years ago, the world should see as a nation with a 3,000-year history that gives a lot to the world.

The nominees for this year’s Aurora Prize will be announced later today. Speaking about the initiative, Vardanyan said “Aurora” is about human values, not human rights.

“We must create a country based on values. I’m optimistic, because there is no alternative. We must believe and be consistent in doing that,” he said.

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