PACE President’s resignation the only ‘wise’ way out of crisis – Samvel Farmanyan

The Armenian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe joins the calls for PACE President Pedro Argument to step down.

Addressing the Assembly, member of the Armenian delegation Samvel Farmanyan said it is the only “wise” way out of the current political crisis.

“It’s clear to us that you have lost your trust not only in the EPP Group, but also within all political forces represented in this Assembly,” Farmanyan said.

He described it a crisis, noting that there should be wise and politically correct way out.

“It’s quite evident for all of us that you should step down,” Samvel Farmanyan stated.

Pedro Agramunt’s recent visit to Syria has stirred outrage among legislators at PACE. The reaction has been ambiguous first of all because Agramunt’s visit to Syria had not been sanctioned by the Assembly or any of its structures.

“This visit was a mistake,” Pedro Agramunt said in his opening remarks. He expressed apology for the mistake and assured his visit does not indicate his support for “Assad’s regime.”

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