Armenia mulls new types of military service

The Armenian Ministry of Defense offers a new type of military service, which it defines as a mix of compulsory and contract-based service.

Conscripts wiling to serve at units carrying out military duty, will get a chance to opt for a new type of service. With an overall duration of three years, it will follow “1+1+2” formula, allowing servicemen to be “on the loose” for seven months starting from the 6th monthon duty.

Servicemen will have to spend a week at the military unit, another week on vacation and two weeks on military duty at the frontlines.

Thus, after a 5-month training period, the conscript will start the service, spending 7 of the 31 months at home.

The servicemen will be paid for every week out. Upon the completion of the service they will get 5 million AMD on their accounts, which they can use for three purposes –acquire affordable housing, create a mini-farm (create a small greenhouse or purchase agricultural equipment) or pay the tuition fee.

The three programs are meant to help demobilized young people build their future in Armenia and deepen the ties with the homeland through long-term programs.

The service will be optional and anyone is free to choose the compulsory service currently in place.

In a second option called “I have the honor” the Ministry of Defense offers students to enroll in a program, in which it hopes to create a link between university deferment and future service as an Army Officer.

Every young many studying at an accredited university (state or private) will have an opportunity to apply for the program. In case he meets certain requirements, the student can enroll in the program with a view of serving as an Officer in the future.

Young people will have an opportunity to attend military training courses at the Military University after Vazgen Sargsyan every Saturday starting from the second year of studies at the their universities. Along with completing the Bachelor’s degree, students get the Lieutenant’s title and start a three-year military service in the Armed Forces.

The service is organized, taking into consideration the civilian profession, but in all cases at 1st class units (frontline).

Thus, citizens with higher education get the opportunity to serve the homeland in a higher rank and with a competitive salary (at least 260,000 AMD a month). Upon successful completion of the service they get an additional financial bonus in the amount of the tuition paid during the time at the university. Should the serviceman choose to do a Master’s degree, the fee will again be compensated.

Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan presented the proposals at the “Nation-Army 2017” forum held in Yerevan today. The projects are subject to public discussion.

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