Sergey Minasyan: Election results come as no surprise




The election results came as no surprise to political scientist Sergey Minasyan. The one thing he that was unexpected to him was the defeat of the Armenian Renaissance Party. He believes the party had to cross the threshold of 5 percent, considering the administrative resources its leader Arthur Baghdasaryan possesses and many other factors.

Sergey Minasyans says he’s impressed by the results of Yelk bloc, and wonders why the Armenian National Congress decided to form an alliance to run for Parliament. He believes the force could make it to the National Assembly as a party.

According to the political scientist, Levon Ter-Petrosyans’s recent interviews played into the hands of ARF Dashnaktsutyun. “My impression is that Levon Ter-Petrosyan did everything for the Congress to fail to collect 5 percent,” Minasyan told a press conference today.

The political scientist says Karen Karapetyan played a positive role for the Republican Party. “The rebranding of the party was important at least during the election campaign,” he said.

Minasyan says the assessment of the elections by international observers was more positive than expected.

“The assessment shows there must be no problems with the signing of the Armenia-EU Framework Agreement,” he said.

Sergey Minasyan says Yelk bloc will be the only opposition force in the National Assembly, while representatives of Tsarukyan Alliance will play more of a role of ‘constructive opposition.”

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