Whoever my people elect, I welcome the choice: Charles Aznavour on Armenia parliamentary vote

Charles Aznavour has expressed support for the choice of the citizens of Armenia in Sunday’s elections.

“Whoever is elected by my people, I accept the choice,” the French Armenian singer told a press conference at TASS.

According to him, it would be incorrect to criticize the country from abroad. “I dislike people, who leave the country, but criticize its policy. For me everything is brilliant,” he said.

Aznavour confessed that he does not like to discuss politics. “Although I have friends, who are politicians, I never talk about politics. I talk to them about art – music, cinema, painting. We have plenty of topics,” he noted.

Armenia held parliamentary elections on April 2. According to preliminary results announced by the Central Electoral Commission, four political forces will make it to the National Assembly –Republican Party, Tsarukyan alliance, Yelk bloc and Armenian Revolutionary Federation.

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