Diligence: Charles Aznavour’s ‘most Armenian’ feature

Charles Aznavour says diligence is his ‘most Armenia’ feature. “I don’t believe in inspiration, I believe in sweat,” the legendary French-Armenian singer said in an interview with Russian Chastny Korrespondet ahead of his visit to Moscow.

“I forge every word and hone every phrase. If I need days, weeks or months to find the necessary phrase, I stubbornly seek it out,” Aznavour said.

Aznavour is known for his charity, particular his support to Armenia after the devastating earthquake in Spitak.

“This is how my sister Aida and I have been brought up. The fate of our parents, who fled the Armenian genocide, and their behavior, served a role model to us. They often recalled the courage and kindness of an Italian captain, who saved them from death, when they were fleeing Constantinople.  They were already on the ship, when one of the Turkish soldiers heard Armenian speech and ran after them. The captain, however, rushed to protect my parents. I believe they managed to escape due to support and kindness of many people, that’s why they tried to help everyone throughout their lives,” the singer said.

“We lived very modestly, but our doors were always open. My parents were sharing everything they had. During the Second World War they hosted Jews and opponents of the regime,” he added.

Charles Aznavour describes his life as ‘self-conquest.’ “I started from the scratch. I had to learn everything myself. One had to pay for education then, while our family’s means were scarce, that’s why I had to leave school early. From that moment on I have had to achieve everything on my own.

Charles Aznavour will perform in the Kremlin Palace on April 5.

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