Armenian Government, EIB willing to develop cooperation

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan received today Vazil Hudák, Vice-President of the European Investment Bank (EIB).

The Prime Minister hailed the cooperation with EIB aimed at implementation of projects in the fields of energy, transport, agriculture and tourism. He attached importance to the Bank’s cooperation with the private sector and added that “the government has adopted a clear-cut policy of implementing reforms in absolutely all spheres.”

“Our steps will be targeted at creating a predictable and transparent field for business,” he noted.

Vazil Hudák noted, in turn, that “The European Investment bank is interested in maintaining cooperation with the Armenian government in all domains.”

Karen Karapetyan welcomed the willingness to cooperate and said that “serious reforms to be implemented in regional governance will allow to improve the transparency and efficiency, involve private investors in different public services.”

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