Armenia never restricted freedom of expression during April war: Arman Saghatelyan




Armenia is one of the 14 countries with absolutely no interference in Internet management, Arman Saghatelyan, Executive Director of the Public Radio of Armenia, said at a WCFDavos/Yerevan forum on “From Crisis to Development – Powered by Communication.”

“Under these conditions the fight against fake news is a hard, but thankful task,” he said.

Speaking about the April war, Sagahatelyan said “the Armenian information field ensured an apparent privilege over Azerbaijan.”

“Having an open system, we never restricted the free movement of media representatives and the freedom of expression. Instead, we ensured security and allowed international media to  the conflict zone, the territory of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic, guaranteeing freedom of expression and enabling them to cover the events,” Arman Saghatelyan said.

He noted, however, that the open system and the information liberalism, which Armenia stands for, includes certain risks. These include huge flow of misinformation, abuse of the right to freedom of expression and speech.

“Unlike closed systems, we are more stable, more intellectual and creative, and, therefore, more prepared to respond to new challenges,” Arman Saghatelyan said.

World Communication Forum Association (WCFA) in cooperation with Armenian Public Relations Association (APRA) has organized a two-day WCFDavos/Yerevan forum “From Crisis to Development – Powered by Communication “ in Yerevan.

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